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Heteronormative Zombies

November 26, 2013 “Zombies Are All About The Heteronormative Power Struggle“:

University of South Africa English Studies Professor Jessica Murray – who specializes in feminism, embodied memory, gender studies and women’s writing – managed to intertwine two current cultural waves, transgender rights and zombies, into one article that offers a narrative on why zombies are all the rage: People implicitly desire alternative constructions of gender and sexuality.

…post-apocalypse is all about really; sex … social and ideological constructions … gender and heteronormative power structures … Patriarchal dominance, like our zombie future, is undying and completely unaware of the horror it evokes.

Thanks to Science20 for good link and proper citation:

Jessica Murray, ‘A Zombie Apocalypse: Opening Representational Spaces for Alternative Constructions of Gender and Sexuality‘, Journal of Literary Studies Volume 29, Issue 4, 2013, DOI:10.1080/02564718.2013.856659

Murray concludes:

A close feminist reading of Deadlands and Death of a Saint reveals that the most insidious threat is patriarchal constructions rather than the zombies that linger at the margins of the survivors’ world.

ZombieLaw has repeatedly argued that zombies are about false dichotomies, and highly related to feminism and critical discourses. See also ZombieLaw: Zombie Pride.


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