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Griffin Wilson wants to be a zombie

November 24, 2013

Playboy: “Zombie: A New Original Short Story by Chuck Palahniuk“, yes, that’s same Chuck Palahniuk who wrote “Fight Club”. [With thanks to BooksLive: Sunday Read: “Zombie” by Chuck Palahniuk by Lindsay for the link]

This new story is about Griffin Wilson, smart-too-smart (“the very definition of an evil genius”) student of “Organic Chem” who zombifies himself with electrodes to make himself “permanent childhood”, “suicide, but it’s not”:

The problem with being talented and gifted is sometimes you get too smart.

No offense to Jesus, but the meek won’t inherit the earth. … The Kardashians and the Baldwins are like some invasive species. … Let them battle over the control of the crappy real world.

Griffin Wilson, he knew the SATs were just the gateway to a big lifetime of bullshit [and so] like a suicide bomber who’s only going to blow up all my IQ points

But before pushing the button, an intervention from community: “If you hurt yourself, you hurt me.…”

Like we’re molecules crystallizing in solution in Organic Chem. Everyone’s holding on to someone, and everyone’s holding on to everyone, and their voices repeat the same sentence: “If you hurt yourself, you hurt me.… If you hurt yourself, you hurt me.…” These words form a slow wave.

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