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Some recent zombies

November 7, 2013

It’s been busy and I have been remiss in my “zombie” hunting. Here’s a round-up of some stuff I’ve missed recently:

Fox had zombie hackers – weeeeeeeeeeeeeee:

AmericanLiveWire: “Was Fox News Hacked? World Zombie Day?!” by Steven Kenniff
CSO: “FoxNews: Zombies say ‘Weeeeeeeeee’” by Steve Ragan
DailyMirror : “Fox News predicts World Zombie Day as website malfunctions with hilarious results” by Alex Wynick
LATimes: “Fox News website claims zombies are coming after internal error” by Salvador Rodriguez

And there’s more zombie crime in Florida:

Orlando Sentinel: “Zombie-eyed woman dressed as pig in bathing suit busted for DUI” – “Wakeskater Kristine M. Gagnier failed sobriety tests, a deputy’s report says”

and dueling letters to editor:

InsideHalton, Oakville Beaver letters to editor about Police zombie ad campaign: “Zombie crime prevention campaign is genius” responding to “Zombie crime prevention campaign disturbing

What’s in the value in the zombie meme?

ShelbyState: ” Zombies bring uptown to life, inject $39K in Shelby’s economy

Ohio State Department of Theatre to bring stage aglow with ‘Zombie Prom’” by Abigail Hofrichter


in the NYTimes: “The Making of an Immortal Movie” by Andy Webster, a movie review of ‘Birth of the Living Dead’:

Mr. Romero, manifesting a self-effacing demeanor and sensible humanity, is a most agreeable raconteur. He can rest assured knowing that “Night of the Living Dead,” now in the Library of Congress’s National Film Registry, shall never die.

and in Ars Technica: “Slow-moving zombie technologies that refuse to die” by Casey Johnston:

They are the undead of the technology world, and they’re coming for your brains.

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