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expelled for ninja zombie?

November 7, 2013

FOX43: “AZ boy expelled for “Ninja Soldier” drawing” by Heather Warner

KPHO: “8-year-old threatened with expulsion for drawings” by Rebecca Thomas

Wait, so what he expelled or merely threatened with expulsion? Who knows… but the crude drawings of an armed ninja fighting zombies, which should be lauded for their creativity and energies directed toward more fuller narrative, seem to have caused some kind of academic problem for this young mind (or was he already an academic problem? who knows?)

It sort of makes sense, because the school shootings and gun debate are big parts of school-life and the ninja-character takes the appearance of the terrorist. But then again, so does Batman… so is violence from some characters more acceptable than other characters?

Recall NinjaLaw blogs about cases of “ninja” in the Federal Courts. I wish I had time to do a blog of more ninja references in daily news. The ninja is a fascinating character in real life and fiction. I’m not sure if there was a zombie actually drawn by the child in this expulsion situation or if it was just part of the kid’s backstory for the ninja drawings.

The recent video game Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z is ninja gaiden with zombies. And there are ample cross-overs for these characters in modern media.

Both words are also used in hacker culture, where “zombie” often refers to machines that have been taken over and “ninja” is used by legitimate professionals to describe their programming skills.

So, how should schools deal with these violent characters? It’s a tough question.

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