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World Series creates Boston Zombies

October 29, 2013

Late-night baseball zombie fatigue at the Boston Globe: “Late-night thrillers have Red Sox fans forgoing sleep” by David Filipov and Michael Levenson:

Red Sox Nation has become Zombie Nation. Even Monday night’s welcome 11 p.m. finish won’t go far in erasing the collective fatigue. … killjoy alert here — specialists who study the ill effects of fatigue say rooters may be overlooking the dangers of sleep deprivation.

Filipov further tweeted:

‘We’ll sleep in November!’ is the battle cry of the Zombie Nation formerly known as #RedSox

And, in response to tweet asking for highlight reel:

Zombie Nation highlight reel? How bout “Can you swing this bat for me? I have zombie hands?” Stephen Drew

But none of this is as awesome as Levenson having spotted Justice Breyer jogging two days ago.

Zombies, law and baseball. No one can sleep in October.

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