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Rotary Club and Cheese Zombies

October 25, 2013

CoastWeekend: “Attack of the cheese zombies” is an ode to the government cheese-dough school lunch:

To this day I’m not sure why they were called cheese zombies, but regardless, I counted down the days hungrily on the school lunchroom calendar, waiting for the magical day that cheese zombies were served. … “cheeeeeese zooooommmmbies.” … The original cheese zombie recipe uses standard white bread dough, spread and stretched thinly on a jelly roll pan, topped with either American or Velveeta cheese, and then topped with a second layer of bread dough and baked until the top is brown and the inside is gooey. … The recipe that follows is a bit of a customized version of cheese zombies;

ZombieLaw has previously mentioned these cheese zombies last year – “Cheesy Zombie Cheese” and “Evolution of the Cheese Zombie

Note: all zombies are cheesy, but some are cheesier than others.

And speaking of cheesy zombies, SFgate: “When Zombies attack … the Rotary Club” by Jill Tucker:

One does not picture Rotarians as zombies. Especially dancing zombies. But this Saturday at Dance Loft in San Francisco’s Dog Patch neighborhood, members of the San Francisco Evening Rotary club will paint their faces and shred their clothes and then dance to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,”

zombie rotary club

Tucker explains:

One might be inclined to picture Rotary Club members gathering in a meeting room, perhaps in suits, chatting about sending kids overseas for youth exchanges, training community leaders and thinking about how to raise money for water projects in developing communities.

Ok, that totally sounds like zombies to me; pass the cheese plate (cheese wheel?) and let’s dance! Also, are old social networking clubs like Rotary still relevant in this modern social media world? Zombies?

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