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Zombie Tea Party won’t die

October 24, 2013

Daily Beast: “Why The Zombie Tea Party Won’t Stay Dead” by James Poulos:

With the predictability of Halloween decorations flooding your local CVS, the Tea Party is once again being pronounced dead. … in a very seasonal irony, it won’t stay buried.

“Zombie” is only in the headline so maybe an editor put it there but Poulos’ argument is reminiscent as all the articles that say the popularity of zombies is finally ending and it just keeps coming back.

Contrary to the hopes and dreams of its antagonists, the Tea Party doesn’t reduce to some throwback, obsolete prejudice. It can’t be dismissed as a set of bad people or ideas that will both be dead and gone in 15 years. The critics mistakenly think the Tea Party is trapped in the historical past. In fact, it’s a reaction to the possibility that history will trap us all, in a future where government rules every aspect of our lives.

The same could be said of “zombies”. They are not a obsolete throwback monster, they are prediction of a terrible future, that seems to get closer every day.

Poulos suggest radicals of the left and right need to unite:

Radicals on the left should welcome them—not as heroes or BFFs, but as fellow citizens, who in spite of it all do share some interests and dreams. If that attitude doesn’t prevail, mainstream Republicans and Democrats will keep delivering the worst of both worlds, attacking each other one minute, avoiding responsibility for their failed policies the next.

The spirit of the Tea Party and and the spirit of Occupy is the same radical discontent. Zombies destroy false dichotomies.


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