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Zombie Patriots Tea Party Football Religion

October 15, 2013

ESPN: “Zombie Patriots devour the Saints” by Gregg Easterbrook, only has “zombie” in the headline, the article begins:

Has any team ever looked more dead than New England did when, trailing New Orleans, the Patriots turned the ball over twice with less than three minutes remaining? The Patriots looked dead enough to audition as extras for the sequel to “World War Z.” When New Orleans took possession with 2:16 remaining and the Patriots down to one timeout, stadium aisles were clogged with home fans streaming for the exits. But the Saints were in the process of making a colossal blunder. New Orleans players and coaches were celebrating on the sideline: hugging, slapping hands. Never celebrate when the game isn’t over! The football gods punish that sort of thing.

I often feel that football (and particularly zombie football) is somehow about politics. Dead patriots and gods that punish saints for hubris. It is strikingly similar to the Tea Party and the media attacks on Senator Cruz; see WashPost: “Cruzifiction of the GOP” by Dana Milbank.

Recall: Zombies are on both sides of the Tea Party government shutdown rhetoric. This is similar to how zombies are also on both sides of Jesus debates (who is the zombie, the evil sinner or the blind follower?). Dan Savage recently quoted in The Salt Lake Tribune: “Sex, religion and Dan Savage” by Lindsay Whitehurst:

“Sex is for pleasure,” he said, “and the Mormon church has always taken the position that sex is for creating more worshipful, zombie-eyed followers for Jesus.”

Some people still agree with the Paul Krugman style definition of Zombie Lies, see for example: “Zombie facts are myths that won’t die” by Mike Clark. But I have repeatedly argued that zombie facts (or zombie lies, or zombie ideas, or zombie fallacies) are not definitively wrong or false, but rather, they are just rhetorical disagreements with an Other. It is a way of denigrating the other side and making a straw argument out of their position.

See also, ReligionNews: “The Zombie Theory of Tea Partyism” by Mark Silk:

To understand what’s going on in Washington today, you’ve got to understand the zombification of the Republican right wing. By that I don’t mean that Ted Cruz and company have become zombies, but rather have come to see themselves as under assault by them.

So we’ll stick to our guns (and Bibles), barricade ourselves in the House, and let the Zombie Apocalypse come. And if we go down fighting, well, remember the Alamo.

Contrast, PoliticusUSA:”The Zombie Apocalypse is Here and it is Called the Tea Party” by Hrafnkell Haraldsson:

…our real zombie apocalypse, which we know as the tea party. Yes, zombies have overrun Washington, D.C.. The White House and the Senate chamber are safe zones but they are under siege

For Haraldsson the zombie cure is to convince friends to avoid Fox News to get facts!

And in TribLive: “The anti-ObamaCare zombie apocalypse” by Joseph Sabino Mistick:

The zombie apocalypse is upon us, as the dogmatically undead refuse to accept that they have been beaten in every legitimate American arena in their attempts to stop the enactment and implementation of ObamaCare. … They were single-minded, always moving toward their prey. And, no matter what, the anti-ObamaCare zombies keep coming… The only way that zombies win is if everybody loses.

But in TownHall: “Zombie Liberals Strike Back!” by John Ransom responds to allegations that calling President Obama by the name “Barry” (a name he used in the past) is “racism and prejudice”, Ransom counters:

Liberals often miss the point in these debates because they are so focused on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, guns and orthography that they can’t see anything else.

So you see, “zombie” rhetoric on both sides.

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