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Protesters and Marketing

October 14, 2013 “Protestors And Zombies” by Tracey Petersen, MML News Reporter:

Sonora is filled with protestors and later this afternoon zombies will take over the streets. First it is the “March Against Monsanto”

when the clock strikes 4 o’clock some of the protesters will turn into creatures of the night for the third annual “Walking Dead Sonora Zombie Walk”. The goal is to raise food and money for two charities.

Zombies are a marketing strategy for protesters and big business. Digiday: “Real-Time Marketing Meets Zombie Apocalypse” by Haniya Rae shows six examples of corporations using zombies in their twitter advertising, including Denny’s, Chips Ahoy, Hyundai, Cheez-it, Century 21 and Red Vines.

But there is another kind of zombie marketing and it is more concerning – See Forbes: “Google, Facebook And The Rise Of Zombie Marketing” by Jonathan Salem Baskin is about the privacy concerns of pernicious use of zombie posts that appear to come from friends but are just internet marketing:

recent changes to user privacy policies will make it more efficient to find users, and then throw marketing at them that appears to come from other users. These are only the latest steps in the march to automate the entire marketing process or, as I see it, the rise of Zombie Marketing.

I think the premise of Zombie Marketing is kinda scary. Commercial data-collection capabilities should make any NSA spook blush with envy, and I don’t think most consumers are consciously aware of how much is already known and then concluded about their behavior. The Zombie model strives to perfect this activity by making it unlikely that an online user can hide or obfuscate his or her real identity

Consider this type of zombie in light of the tweets at New York Comic Con, see Wired “NY Comic Con Takes Over Attendees’ Twitter Accounts to Praise Itself” by Graeme McMillan.

We don’t own our own identities and they are being used to manipulate our friends. Using identify for social change has always been teh function of a protests. But social information is changing and the tools of the protester are also tools for the corporations.

See also DieHard batteries with a new zombie short film advertisement and also classic Dungeons and Dragons is having a “Zombie Week” sale on game merchandise.

As Bex Schwartz writes of Walking Dead in Rolling Stone magazine: “It’s Raining Zombies!

Which is better than raining radiation – see Reuters: “For ‘zombie’ Fukushima operator, fresh financing masks long-term woes“:

Tepco should be focused on the immediate containment and clean-up work at Fukushima rather than cutting costs to meet a profit target, said O’Sullivan, a former investment banker.

said Penn Bowers, a CLSA research analyst in Tokyo.
“It seems they’re OK with a zombie company for now because there’s no better alternative.”

Why is everyone using the “zombie”? Because it brings the numbers! USAToday: “9,592 shamblers set new zombie walk world record” by Jennifer Merkel, Asbury Park (N.J.) Press.

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