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schoolgirls on meth

October 13, 2013

KHOU: “Texas City 8th-graders found with new kind of meth” by Sherry Williams:

Authorities said the girls had the drugs wrapped in foil and they were acting kind of zombie-like and kind of delirious.

Found in Business Insider Australia: “‘Zombie-Like’ Teenage US Schoolgirls Caught Using New Form Of Meth” by Christina Sterbenz:

The girls, who were acting “zombie-like,” had dissolved the drug onto tiny, stamp-like pieces of paper wrapped in tin foil, according to KHOU News.

So, Sterbenz put quotes around “zombie-like” but Williams didn’t. Williams attributes the claim to generic “authorities” so it’s unclear who first used the word to describe these school girls.

Meanwhile yesterday, Williams tweeted about “trying to learn the Thriller dance live on TV”, and today retweeted a tweet from @mrglenn about Walking Dead and Texas football with hashtag #ZombieBall. So it seems Williams has zombies on her mind —

zombie sherry williams

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