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Zombies of Tea Party debate

October 10, 2013

Zombie references on both sides of the political debate:

Washington Times Communities: Obama, the Zombie Apocalypse and magic fairy dust by Judson Phillips

Phillips is founder of Tea Party Nation. He wonders thinks that the people who supported ObamaCare were duped because they don’t understand economics and thought they were getting a “free lunch” that they actually have to pay for:

Did they think a fairy would magically appear, sprinkle magic fairy dust around and cover the cost?

We are seeing the zombie apocalypse now and it is in the ballot box.

Phillips blames education , refers to “low-information voters” and quotes Margaret Thatcher: “The problem with socialism is sooner or later, you run out of other people’s money.”

zombie judson phillipszombie donald kaul

In contrast, The Gilmer Mirror: “Attack of the Zombie Lawmakers” by Donald Kaul (a Pulitzer Prize nominated commentator):

We’re experiencing The Attack of the Zombie Lawmakers.

Kaul refers to Hitler:

It was Germany that attacked Poland, wasn’t it? Yes, but Adolf Hitler, the chancellor of Germany, said that Poland was the one that did the attacking and millions of Germans believed him. World War II followed.

Kaul also quotes George Wallace “dime’s worth of difference between the Republicans and Democrats”. And Kaul encourages moderate Republicans to take a stand against Tea Party stalwarts like Senator Paul, Senator Cruz, Congresswoman Bachmann, and Congressman King. He suggests a strategy “vote the rascals out of office”.

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