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October 6, 2013

That “clean CR” the Democrats keep asking for is a zombie-slur. I can’t believe I didn’t realize this when I was writing my last post about the 17 year zombie shutdown cycle. I was noticing that “zombie” is not attaching very strongly to this shutdown debacle but that similar metaphors are swirling about it. And I just realized this use of “clean” is a kind of health-epidemic zombie metaphor, attacking the opposition political position as somehow “unclean”.

I realized this while reading “Who Shut Down the Government?” by Thomas Sowell:

Harry Reid says that he wants a “clean” bill from the House of Representatives, and some in the media keep repeating the word “clean” like a mantra. But what is unclean about not giving Harry Reid everything he wants?


This is a reference to the biblical use of unclean. And connects zombies and Jesus. But also to a whole world of demon-spirits to be exorcised. “Unclean” may also refer to dietary laws but also particularly to leprosy (a disfiguring disease of zombie appearance?).

See BibleHub: Leviticus 13:45

King James Bible
And the leper in whom the plague is, his clothes shall be rent, and his head bare, and he shall put a covering upon his upper lip, and shall cry, Unclean, unclean.

New International Version
“Anyone with such a defiling disease must wear torn clothes, let their hair be unkempt, cover the lower part of their face and cry out, ‘Unclean! Unclean!’

The term also refers to “unclean hands” as in bad faith. This relates strongly to “in pari delicto” (a phrase important for ZombieLaw because of it’s connection to a zombie ponzi scheme judged by Judge Posner – and because the ABA Journal quoted me for the phrase last year). “Dirty Hands” is also a play written by the philosopher JP Sartre about confusion of personal and political intentions.

Consider also the role of feminism as regard issues of cleanliness, (Cf. menstrual taboo) and traditional woman’s household roles of cooking and cleaning. And see more detail on meanings for “unclean” at wikipedia’s disambiguation.

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