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Support the NYC Halloween Parade

October 3, 2013

Remember Frankenstorm Sandy, lots of people were really hurt and financially ruined last year by the superstorm but also the Village Halloween Parade lost some money. They need help and have started a Kickstarter: “Bring Halloween Back to NYC!” by NYC Village Halloween Parade = They are trying to raise $50,000 and only need $20,000 more in the next 18 days. A pledge of $5 is called the “Zombie” level.

The Halloween Parade is a NYC institution beloved by so many people. It is really amazing and absolutely worth preserving. I am shocked that they need Kickstarter in order to find a donor for this amount of money. I understand why NYCO failed to find millions after such poor management, but surely Halloween can find 50k for an event everyone loves and is at risk because of act of god and not the fault of management.

The only reason I could imagine this Kickstarter failing is if people don’t believe that they would really cancel such a monumentally popular event over a few thousand dollars. I’m skeptical myself but probably there are some rich people who still don’t believe they would destroy NYCO over a few million. So I gave 5 bucks.

Zombies, support the arts!

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