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Suspended for zombie gun

September 24, 2013

Daily News: “Virginia 7th grader suspended by school for shooting zombie hunter airsoft gun on family’s property” by David Boroff:

A seventh-grade student is facing expulsion from his Virginia middle school for shooting an airsoft gun — yet the 13-year-old boy was not using the “zombie hunter” on school property or even at the local bus stop, he says.

The article (and the student’s mom) make a big deal about the kid not being on school property when he was pelleting other students who were walking to the bus stop. And the article twice quotes people saying it was not a real gun.

I’m confused – what’s a “real” gun? This plastic toy thing shoots pellets right? And it looks exactly like a handgun. Yes, it doesn’t shoot explosive ammunition or go very far or fast but it’s still a real gun, isn’t it?

Also, who cares that he wasn’t at school yet? He’s pelleting students going to the bus stop. This sounds like a school issue to me.

Both of these issues highlight the “zombie” as boundary zone – neither alive nor dead – neither at school nor not at school – neither a real gun nor not a real gun.

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One Comment
  1. A very large percent of the administrators in our public schools are members of the undead. As such there needs to be zero tolerance toward zombie shooting activities in our communities.

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