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Build a wall around the city

September 22, 2013

There’s been a seeming lack of national political news referring to “zombies”. Maybe that’s because the Syrian crisis has temporarily resolved and Iran’s new president says he wants to talk. And in economic politics, despite a looming political game of chicken, it’s still just ordinary down to the wire political negotiations. No one wants a shutdown, this is not a zombie Congress, they are being politically manipulative which is the exact opposite of a zombie.

Meanwhile there are some other interesting “zombies” to report.

Sun News: “‘Zombie’ candidate wants to curb urban sprawl in Edmonton” by Kevin Mainmann:

The municipal election is about to get apocalyptic.

A mysterious candidate known as “Citizen Zombie” will file his nomination papers Monday at city hall to push for the construction of a zombie-proof wall around the city.

The candidate admits it started as a joke. He’s trying to make a point about urban sprawl and better urban planning. It’s a good point about the value of symbolic limits (which is related to zombies as transgressors of dichotomous limits).

Meanwhile, in criminal transgression: WSJM: “Man In Zombie Mask Robs Coloma Wesco Station“:

At the time of the robbery his face covered with a full nylon, flesh toned, zombie mask. He was dressed in a long sleeved light grey or white t-shirt with a darker shirt underneath, dark or colored pants or jeans. A video of the suspect donning his mask prior to entering the store and then fleeing has been posted to the Coloma Township Police Department’s FaceBook Page

That police Facebook post says:

Armed and Dangerous
Please keep an eye out for the person pictured below.
Martin Ulrich Hinrichs also known as “Nightmare”
23-years-old white male
Brown eyes, short brown hair.
5’11” 145lbs

Hinrichs is wanted for the armed robbery of the Wesco gas station on 08/20/13. If you see him call 911 immediately and do not approach him

One of the robbery suspect’s face tattoos says “Game Over” which may imply a connection to video games. And with the new Grand Theft Auto coming out and mass killings becoming the new normal, video game violence is a hot topic. But is it about the guns or about the very notion of property rights:

In Chicago, EvanstonNow: “‘Zombie’ property ruling could hurt Evanston” by Lee V. Gaines, refers to a recent court opinion by U.S. District Court Judge Thomas Durkin that Gaines connects to the problem of zombie titles in the zombie foreclosure crisis.

Unfortunately, Gaines citation link doesn’t seem to work and I don’t know what case this is, and I don’t think Judge Durkin actually wrote “zombie” in this decision. Based on Gaines article, it seems to be about maintenance costs on vacant properties caught in foreclosure limbo. Once again I suggest that Zombie Foreclosures are Bank Fraud.

Speaking of banks, FT has recent an article “Lehman ‘zombie company’ nears its end” by Tracy Alloway about the final unraveling of the dead bank;

morale in what has often been described as a “zombie company,” is a challenge. LBIE reduced its workforce for the first time ever during the summer, but it still employs about 450, including former Lehman traders, valuation experts and lawyers.

Why was Lehman allowed to fail when the rest were too big to fail? This seem to me like it must have been fraud and that there are bankers who should have been jailed but instead,

enjoy photography competitions, weekly fruit baskets and salaries at the same level as their former Lehman jobs

Consider also, UKFundraising: “Zombies on the Board” by johnbaguley describes “Zombie inertia syndrome”:

the board reacted with the typical stifling zombie inertia syndrome: putting off making a decision, asking for more information, querying the need and the figures then saying, “Not yet, let’s review the situation next year”, and it went back to sleep, preferring to hold rambling discussions about the colour of the new logo the director had proposed.

Sometimes we need superheroes to shakes things up with crazy ideas like building useless walls or bombing foreign countries or not funding the debt ceiling increase — Not because we should actually do these things but because the crazy idea itself can inspire so much non-zombie behavior. A vigilante superhero against property rights might be “Nightmare” in a zombie mask – but that’s only acceptable in video games.

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