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Fiscal Cliff is back for Zombie season

September 18, 2013

At CSPAN:CBO report says that without an increase in the debt ceiling, the federal government will run out of money around the end of October or mid-November.

Just in time for Halloween and Guy Fawkes Day!!! Perfect for another zombie run to the fiscal cliff. But it’s a different zombie congress now and sequestration is the new normal – so who knows how this plays.

If the debts so high maybe we should stop spending? But if we stop spending, then it crashes way worse. You have to spend money in order to mine for gold!!! But can you strip a land of minerals and still expect to grow food?

No one understands monetary policy. We are all zombies to our own rationalization of sublimated desire. And metaphors of normal everyday household expenditures breakdown at larger scale.

Overheard yesterday on CSPAN from a caller: “We are too big to fail. We are all connected”?? Guest, Nela Richardson responds with “quantitative easing”. If only it were that simple!

It’s like zombie foreclosures. You can’t foreclose on a whole town. The bank doesn’t want to run the town. They can’t afford that.

At an even larger scale, with national government debt, how do you foreclosure on the country? Seize our assets? You and what army? And deciding which army is precisely the point!

Money is war! Financial policy is warfare, like World War $ with $ombies?


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