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#ZombieCiti Mets Yom Kippur Friday 13th

September 16, 2013

The NY Mets had a zombie night last Friday at Citi Field. Last Friday was both Friday the 13th and also Kol Nidre (the night of Yom Kippur). The Mets have a strong connection to Judaism by way of the the civil rights movement and the heritage of the Brooklyn Dodgers and Jackie Robinson and Sandy Koufax. The dodgers went to LA and the Mets inherited part of that tradition (in opposition to the Yankee evil pin stripe empire).

See NYMets: “Zombie Night – Friday the 13th”:

Join the New York Mets for the FIRST EVER Zombie Night at Citi Field on Friday , September 13 sponsored by Run for Your Lives!

Friday’s zombie night promoted the twitter hashtag: #ZombieCiti — but apparently the game was poorly attended – or at least the hashtag was underutilized.

Maybe it was this restriction:

Tasteful (that is to say – no deceased celebrites or provacative), zombie costumes are encouraged.

Tasteful? no celebrities? no provocation? So no zombies in a named jersey?

Note that the Mets owners the Wilpons, lost money in the Madoff scheme. And of course, Citi is a bank! Both banks and ponzi schemes being related to zombies.

The Zombie Citi night was covered at PIX11 Morning News: “Zombies to take over Citi Field for Friday the 13th” by Lisa Mateo

And consider 2011 HuffPost: “Why Sandy Koufax Sat Out the World Series on Yom Kippur” by Rabbi Shais Taub

More ZombieLaw Baseball.

And recall from prior ZombieLaw: “Friday the 13th zombie roundup – Krugman Kernan and Batman” and theory that Batman and Jason are both mama’s boys in masks seeking their own distorted justice.

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