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Air Force zombie preparedness plan

September 16, 2013

Scripps Howard News Service via 10News: “Dyess Air Force Base bomb wing commander shares anti-zombie response plan” by Tiffany Waldan is about Brig. Gen. Glen VanHerck answering a Q&A “Commander’s Corner” about zombie apocalypse:

Q: What is the wing king’s zombie preparedness plan? I’m curious to see how he plans to survive if there ever is one…


Please rest assured that if a terrorist attack is brought to our gates by zombies, we’ll be ready.

In the event of a zombie apocalypse or similar event in the Abilene area, I would first ensure that the base is safe and secure. Once the base is secure from the event, I would direct a Team Dyess accountability recall; in times of crisis, it’s essential that we ensure our Airmen and their families are safe and secure. To get the word out about the zombie attack or possible other events, we’d need to alert our personnel by posting notifications on the Dyess AFB website, social media and Commander’s Access Channel.

Once all of these preparations had taken place, I would then turn to our very own Command Chief Master Sgt. Lindsey, a trained and skilled Tactical Air Control Party, who would guide our B-1s to deliver a massive, obliterating airstrike on the zombies.

The Air Force Times mentioned it in a cartoon strip:

zombie brig gen dyess glen VanHerck

The AP version at Chron cites Abilene Reporter-News and says:

he didn’t intend to attract that much attention, only to show the Dyess community he was “approachable” and a human with a sense of humor.

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