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Redshirts: Canadian Zombie Star Trek Occupy Anonymous Cracked MakerFaire

September 15, 2013

This post is somewhat off topic but is about some zombie-related themes.

It started when I saw at Cracked: “33 Facts About Famous People You Won’t Believe Are True” by OddBodkin, #30:

James Doohan was in the WW2 Canadian military

Recall that zombies have a connection to WW2 rhetoric (evil Nazi otherness leading to cold war communist automatons) but also particularly different in Canadian rhetoric about conscripts .

SO, if James Doohan was in the Canadian military it seems possible that he would have been familiar with that Canadian WW2 “zombie” meaning.

Consider also the connection of Star Trek to zombies.

Those connections also were enough to get me to start this post. But also consider that James Doohan’s character, Scotty, is perhaps the only “redshirt” that regularly survives. And note the character’s connection to alcohol (his Scottish heritage? Scotch? a little Romulan ale?).

Then note that in the new reboot version of Star Trek, JJ Abrams cast Simon Pegg for Scotty. Of course, Pegg previously most notable for his role in “Shaun of the Dead”. See image at SourceDorks:

simon pegg scotty of the dead trek

And at cheezburger: “Star Fleet Officer of Engineering congratulates Scotty for being the longest surviving red shirt”

And also in that Cracked photoset, Martin Luther King and connection of Star Trek to civil rights #25:

Fantasy is important to politics.

Lt. Uhura also wore red, but that was a red skirt so it’s different. Feminism and race are different from class politics.

Consider also other meanings of redshirt:

in college sports “a delay or suspension of an athlete’s participation in order to lengthen his or her period of eligibility”; and similarly in academia generally: “postponing entrance into kindergarten of age-eligible children in order to allow extra time for socioemotional, intellectual, or physical growth.”

But in American history after the Reconstruction: “were white paramilitary groups … in Mississippi in 1875, when Democratic Party private militia units adopted red shirts to make themselves more visible and threatening to Southern Republicans, both white and freedmen. Similar groups in other states also adopted Red Shirts.”

Political intimidation by Democrats against Republicans, against civil rights. Consider that history in light of the upcoming two year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street.

The red shirts of the 19th century staged protests to bully while others in masks wreaked terrorism-havoc as the Ku Klux Klan. Consider the parallels in #Anonymous.

At TVTropes: “Red Shirt” they depict the redshirt’s “natural state” as a blue-green shade of dead, that is “used to show how the monster works”; a type of what they call “Monster Munch“:

Both #Occupy and #Anonymous are kinds of Monster Munch for the modern-corporate-cookie-monster. These grass roots are showing us all how the new system works. We see police beat down occupiers, we see kids imprisoned for computer math.

The anonymous foot soldiers were not drafted, they volunteered and if they survive long enough they may one day become chief engineers. In some ways, maybe the redshirt-klan-style-bully behaviors are a kind of resistance to the paternal governing style that would “redshirt” delay hold back in order to somehow progress development. That is, if the warp core doesn’t explode, because, Cap’n I’m not sure she can take much more of this…

Consider also the coincidental timing of Maker Faire in helping construct the first Occupy — it’s next weekend! Those are the real Star Trek engineers, making the future. Gotta keep teaming them with the occupiers!!!

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