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Sprint Pride Prejudice Zombies

September 5, 2013

Sprint has a zombie commercial for “unlimited for life” texting and suggestions of negative connotations in calling someone a zombie:

Customer: What if say technically you were not alive, like maybe you were undead?

Sprint Sales Rep: like a zombie?

Customer: Whoa, let’s not go putting labels on people [Sales Rep looks customer up and down and he sheepishly admits it] I’m a zombie

Zombies are no stranger to cell phone commercials and other advertising. This commercial is already many weeks old but just a few days ago, comment from arocknrolldream:

After seeing this commercial about a dozen times, it finally clicked in my brain: “Is that Jane Bennet?”

Yes it is. See 106.1-KissFM: “Who is the Redhead Girl in the Sprint Zombie Commercial?” by Ryan O’Bryan:

Her name is Laura Spencer. An actress who has been in the business since 2009 according to her IMDB profile with roles in what appear to be independent films, and a few small parts in TV series…

What O’Bryan fails to note is that Spencer plays the role of Jane Bennet in “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries“:

A modern day retelling of Pride and Prejudice, the series is told in vlog-style by Lizzie Bennet as she narrates the trials and tribulations of her family life …

And so the reason arocknrolldream’s brain clicked (and many others clicked thumbs up on the comment) is because this Sprint commercial is a pun on the successful book and soon to be movie “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” and is literally about prejudice and pride regarding the customer’s zombie status.

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