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Ezra Klein zombies Syria geography

September 4, 2013

Washington Post (blog): “Most Americans can’t find Syria on a map. So what?” by Ezra Klein is about the fact that many people don’t have great geography map memory. Klein admits he probably can’t find his city:

…if you were planning a bombing raid on Irvine, I’d be a reasonably good guy to talk to. But in the extremely unlikely scenario in which I would help with a bombing raid on Irvine, (everyone has already been evacuated and Irvine is now the epicenter of a fast-spreading zombie infestation, maybe?) I wouldn’t be of much use if you rolled out an unmarked map of the world and asked my to put a pin in my hometown.

zombie ezra klein

Note Klein sees zombies as fast (and recall Touré hopes he’s wrong).

Also note this is an issue of geography and recall the Kickstarter book project of teacher David Hunter, a middle school geography zombie curriculum.

And see more ZombieLaw Syria

The play for yourself USvsTh3m: “Where’s Damascus? (Don’t Ask Us)

Meanwhile back at the Washington Post blog: “White is out after Labor Day, but nobody said anything about tiki cocktails” by Fritz Hahn refers to the zombie cocktail, defining:

Zombie (multiple rums, passion fruit, grenadine, orange curacao)

Drink up, “for tomorrow we all may die“.


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