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Zombie spirits in Montrose

August 30, 2013

Today there is an opinion letter in the Montrose Daily Press objecting, based on spiritual arguments, to an upcoming “zombie movie” to be made in Montrose, Colorado. The letter is entitled “Witchcraft not something to play with“. Quoting wikipedia the author links zombies to witches and argues:

Witchcraft is not a fun plaything, but a very real spiritual force, using the powers of darkness … We don’t need to welcome those kinds of spiritual forces into our town.

This anti-zombie rhetoric is somewhat similar to yesterday’s ZombieLaw post about comments on the Nigerian news.

Meanwhile, another Montrose Daily Press article explains more details about this zombie movie: “How many zombies does it take to make a movie?” by Monica Garcia:

There was nowhere to hide in downtown Montrose Saturday, as zombies roamed the streets looking for victims… as production of the independent film “I Am Alone” continued in the area .. approximately 120 local residents signed up as extras for the film.

The movie was funded through a Kickstarter project.

Aside from spiritual ire, some residents were also upset about the road closure, see “Communication breakdown” by Mike Easterling and Monica Garcia:

… discontent expressed by some downtown merchants Friday as much of Main Street was closed to vehicles for the filming of a zombie movie.


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