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Zombiefied Drones War Media

August 26, 2013

GlobalResearch: “Zombies Needed for Drone Terror” by Kevin Ryan: “Even with All the Pro-War Propaganda, The Air Force Can’t Find Enough Drone Pilots”:

Killing zombies can be cool in a movie, and the kids who are recruited by the military these days know all about that. … In the real-life scenario, the victims are not zombies. Instead, it is the drone pilot who must suppress all human emotion and thought about the victims. In other words, it’s the drone pilot who becomes a zombie.

To that end, we now have zombie reporters to tell us how our normal feelings of moral outrage about drone killings can be alleviated. An example of zombie reporting has recently been found in The Atlantic. Reporter Mark Bowden wrote an article telling us “How to think about drones.”

These attempts by media sources to make us feel better about drone attacks are absurd and imply that the target audience may have already suffered the kind of mental death attributed to zombies. Those of us who have not yet succumbed to propaganda-induced brain death realize that it is the military and the corporate media who have become non-human. We can see that the real zombies are not just the kids at the joysticks of death but we are witnessing zombie reporting too, employed to frame the attacks for zombie-like citizens.

The article also explains drone double-taps, a second wave of attack that kills first responders, and concludes:

When drone terror begins to occur on U.S. soil, perhaps even double taps that kill first responders, will it result in any outcry or will our fellow citizens be sufficiently zombiefied by then?

On this topic, recall previous ZombieLaw: “Nintendo Valor and F-35 Zombies” and “Air Force ‘rot’” or more about drones.

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