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The Bitumen Zombie Resistance League

August 26, 2013

The Kingston Police Force has today released surveillance video evidence of last month’s zombie mischief.

Police news website: “Police Releasing Surveillance Footage of Mischief to Downtown Banks and City Hall” by Steve Koopman:

On July 27, 2013 at approximately 5:15 PM a group of people participated in a lawful Zombie march, protesting oil pipelines in the Kingston area. … Unknown parties committed another act of mischief by defacing the rear of City Hall. Finally, the group targeted the fountain in Market Square, where they committed the act of mischief by contaminating the water with an unknown substance.

This story was covered by Canadian Press, syndicated at News Talk 610CKTB: “Zombies committed mischief, defaced city hall, say Kingston police” and also at Mississauga News.

Back in July when the vandalism happened, the story with picture of what looks like shit on the banks walls, at TheWhig: “Downtown banks vandalized” by Sam Koebrich, beginning:

A pair of downtown banks were vandalized on the weekend and it was done by zombies.

and from the picture caption:

A brown, paint-like substance smears the front of the RBC and TD banks in downtown Kingston.

[It sort of looks like Santorum??]

See more images of the brown “chocolate-like” substance on the bank walls in video news segment from Newswatch Newsroom: “Bitumen Zombies Make Their Mark [VIDEO]

Koebrich continues:

The vandalism was politically motivated, as a piece of paper headlined “An Open Letter to the Boards of Directors of the Royal Bank of Canada and TD Canada Trust” was left at the scene.

The letter was signed by “The Bitumen Zombie Resistance League.”

The protest itself was about environmental damage related to Tar Oil Sands. The protests was organized by the group decLINE9 Cataraqui, associated with #IdleNoMore, see Facebook page for the July 27th protest: “decLINE9 Presents: Bitumen Zombie March!

This is an Emergency Broadcast! People of Kingston beware! … The tar sands oil has spared nothing and no one! Animal or human. Child, adult, or elderly! All have been mutated into what can only be called… Bitumen Zombies!! … There are rumours suggesting that the government are actually zombies themselves, and that they have had the disease festering for some time!… Join the resistance! Come prepared with waterguns to battle the zombies as they move through the streets of Kingston, or be prepared to be covered in bitumen and become part of the mindless mob of bitumen zombies!

From their Tumblr about page:

decLINE9 Cataraqui is a grassroots group based in Kingston, Ontario on contested Mohawk (Kanienkehaka) and Algonquin (Anishnabek) territory. We are dedicated to resisting the proposed reversal of the Line 9 pipeline, a project that would see Tar Sands Oil carried through this land, from Sarnia to Montreal.

Line 9 and the Tar Sands Project has bulldozed its way through Indigenous communities with no regard to their interest. It’s an environmental catastrophe in terms of production, and poses an enormous risk all along its path. All because Canada and Enbridge want to increase their profit margins through the production and export of Tar Sands Oil.

After the June 27 protest, the group also posted a “Reportback from Kingston’s Bitumen Zombie March” including full text of the “Open Letter to the Boards of Directors of the Royal Bank of Canada and TD Canada Trust:”

You are complicit with this destructive project. … “meaningful consultation” amounts to little more than, at best, a lie, and, at worst, an act of genocide. … a network of colonial destruction all for the profits of banks and oil companies. And now there are zombies. We hope you’re happy.

Aside from environmental concerns, there are also issue of indigenous sovereignty, see similarly from two weeks ago in Indian Country Today Media Network: “‘Zombie Democracy’ Is a Nightmare for Natives” by Duane Champagne:

The British magazine The Economist has coined the expression “zombie democracy” to denote government leaders or parties that believe winning elections automatically translates into a mandate to rule as they please. Indigenous Peoples are particularly vulnerable to this phenomenon. … There will be no truly democratic governments in the world until indigenous rights are recognized, included and protected. Until then, Indigenous Peoples remain politically and culturally subjugated to zombie democracy.

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