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grist: factory farm zombie

August 26, 2013

Grist: “These aerial shots of factory farming look like bloody zombie wounds” by Holly Richmond. And also, popular article on Grist now is their coverage of the Russian Zombie Pigeons, entitled “Moscow is suffering from a plague of zombie pigeons” by Sarah Laskow (see mention of these zombie pigeons in ZombieLaw). It seems the Grist editors have discovered the viral power of “zombie” headlines.

Today Grist throws the “zombie” into headline for Richmond’s article about aerial photography by Mishak Henner, “Feedlots”:

You’re telling me the flatlands are actually covered in festering scabs, thanks to factory farming? … Who’s hungry for some tasty industrial beef?

Recall also Grist previously referred to the “Undead Farm Bill”, “Undead farm bill: Everyone’s favorite legislative zombie shuffles on” by Tom Laskawy (mentioned in ZombieLaw: “Zombie Wheat and Zombie Subsidies“).

Graphic images of festering pits seems like it would be a good start to stir activism about farm subsidies and food policy. Unfortunately I can’t say I understand anything about farm subsidies at all and have no idea what reforms to suggest for factory farms. In large part, my ignorance results from pervasive efforts by corporate food to keep details secret. This aerial photography is fascinating but we need to see inside, we need investigators on the ground!!! We need more information before we subsidize industries but instead we criminalize truth-tellers and spread photo-shopped rumors.

Consider also from Grist’s Sarah Laskow: “Is the NSA surveillance program really about spying on environmentalists?

Pigeons fall from the sky, aerial photography provides a perspective. Even if we had all the evidence we don’t have nearly all the answers, but the without evidence we are talking about nothing but art.

We need a farm bill with strong protections for factory farm whistleblowers and increased public reporting requirements for large farms! But maybe first, we even need a farm bill, and some public interest in powerful amendments. Because literally this shit is disgusting.

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