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Dead Souls Interracial Violence

August 24, 2013

Dead Souls of a Cultural Revolution” by Patrick J. Buchanan:

Teenagers who can shoot and kill a man out of summertime boredom are moral barbarians, dead souls.

But who created these monsters? Where did they come from? Surely one explanation lies in the fact that the old conscience-forming and character-forming institutions — home, church, school, and a moral and healthy culture fortifying basic truths — have collapsed. And the community hardest hit is Black America.

TribLive “Western Pennsylvania’s top news and sports source” retitled the piece “Zombies of a social revolution“. Recall “Western Pennsylvania, Zombie Capital of the World“.

Buchanan “senior advisor to American Presidents Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, and Ronald Reagan”, recalls the last 50 years and asks of Lyndon Johnson:

Are we living in that Great Society we were promised?


are not the killers of Chris Lane who shot him for the fun of it the “do-your-own-thing!” children of that cultural revolution?

The answer to both is no. Because 50 years is nothing in the creation in a great society, progress has been made in 50 years and we can keep at it. These boy-killers are not the product of “do-your-own-thing”, they are the product of a world with so few options that the absurd idea of random killing sounded like fun. It’s not the promise of greatness and “do-your-own-thing” that’s the problem, it’s precisely the lack of exciting promises for the future.

Buchanan claims

In the real America, interracial violence is overwhelming black-on-white.

And surely he has good statistics to back that up but surely it is a reference to physical violence and not to the endemic structural violence perpetrated by every societal interaction.

see also Time Magazine cover November 6 1995:
zombie patrick pat buchanan

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