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Kansas “Hard 50” “political zombie walk sponsored by the governor”

August 23, 2013

The Topeka Capital Journal: “GOP-Jayhawks, Dem-zombies make for special encounters” by Tim Carpenter

The Sept. 3 special session of the Kansas Legislature could mirror convergence in Lawrence of University of Kansas football fans at the Homecoming parade and the march of zombies staggering through the same street for charity…

Literally, on their heels, an estimated 1,500 zombie fanatics plan to shuffle up and down Mass. Street…

Fireworks will be minimal between Jayhawks and zombies, who struggle with a compromised mobility and voice reflective of Democrats in Kansas. “We’re actually working to make sure that doesn’t happen,” said zombie event organizer Harold Agnew…

Carpenter explains that the Legislative Special Session has been called for two votes on hardline Republican positions from Kansas Governor Sam Brownback – the “Hard 50” is to set minimum sentencing of 50 years for some really bad crimes and the other is a Court of Appeals appointment.

Democrats might be able to scare up a bit of controversy about the Court of Appeals appointment, but there will be no stopping this political zombie walk sponsored by the governor.

The nomination is of Caleb Stegal, the governor’s chief counsel. Some groups want more information to prove he is the best choice, see “Group seeks Brownback calendars to learn court candidates” by Andy Marso:

Brownback has said 18 people applied for the appellate court position and 13 were interviewed. But he has declined to provide any of their names, citing privacy concerns. “Gov. Brownback claims that Mr. Stegall is the most qualified choice for the Court of Appeals among 13 applicants who were interviewed” said Dolores Furtado [president of the Kansas League of Women Voters.]

Nominating your buddy to the Courts doesn’t really offend me; sometimes I think that’s exactly how executives should pick judges. But setting mandatory minimum sentences, that takes away discretion from judges, that’s offensive. Judging is a legal bureaucrat job but remains also a moral philosophy. I want executives to nominate those people who share their worldview but I also want judges to be free to exercise their judgement with leniency.

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