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Zombie Marriage Cancelled due to gay “political undertones”

August 22, 2013 “Gay marriage controversy leads Cedar Point to cancel HalloWeekends zombie wedding ceremony” by Susan Glaser, The Plain Dealer:

Earlier this month, Cedar Point asked couples to apply to be included in a Friday, Sept. 13 wedding ceremony to kick off the opening of the park’s popular HalloWeekends event. Thirteen couples would be selected to get married (by a zombie officiant) at the park. Kenimond, a roller-coaster fanatic, saw the announcement – and immediately asked to be considered, along with fiance Morrison. … Cedar Point quickly turned them down, however, because same-sex marriage isn’t legal in Ohio. …

Why not allow same-sex couples to take part in a commitment ceremony at the same time? suggested Morrison. Cedar Point’s response: It canceled the event. “When the promotion logistics started to take on political undertones, as indicated by several guests who gave us feedback, it was decided that now is not the best time for this event,” said park spokesman …

Kenimond said he’s not asking Cedar Point to condone gay marriage. “It’s not about taking a stand on gay marriage, it’s about including everybody,” he said… still hoping Cedar Point officials might change their minds. “It’s not Friday the 13th yet. It’s not too late for them to say, ‘We were wrong, …

So the internet got loud and they cancelled the event, could the internet get louder and get them to apologize and resume plans?

And today in Mother Jones an article about the evolution of Cracked magazine and the importance of zombies in social commentary: “Zombies, Celebrity Sideboobs, and Smart Social Commentary = Web Gold” by Kate Sheppard:

the most uproarious and sage social commentary on the internet. Amid the inevitable boob, zombie, and videogame fare, you’ll find thoughtful pieces

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  1. RWM permalink

    Happy Halloween to the Brides of Frankenstein LOL

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