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Washington Times Favors Zombie Voter ID

August 15, 2013

Recall there were no dead voters in South Carolina and the Washington Post also reported the fact-check. But just because they found it didn’t happen, doesn’t mean it couldn’t, or hasn’t elsewhere … like Maryland? Washington Times: “EDITORIAL: Zombies in Maryland: Hundreds, maybe thousands, of dead voters just won’t stay dead”:

Zombies, who just won’t stay in the graveyard, are back with us again, and not just on the screen in “World War Z” and “The Walking Dead.” It turns out that 1,100 of the dearly departed are active in Maryland politics.

It’s only to prevent fraud, but that’s too strong for Gov. Martin O’Malley, a Democrat, who stands up bravely for zombie rights.

A voter-ID law, is simple and obvious, and would inconvenience only a zombie.

Why is the Washington Times editorial staff against zombie rights?

And do these 1,100 really exist or are they like the 900 from South Carolina? If getting an ID is so simple and convenient, then maybe these states could issue ID right there at the polling site? Because a problem is there are lots of people (people, not zombies) for whom it is difficult to get to DMV, and the question is how many of those people (elderly, disabled, lazy) are there? But how can we trust the numbers anymore when statistics are politically motivated, debunked and then represented? Then again, elections are just numbers too and we have to find a way to trust elections.

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