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Gone Fishin’ … Blame it on the moon – Werewolf and Red Herring

August 15, 2013

ZombieLaw is about to take a short end-of-summer hiatus. Nowhere near the length last year when I took a 2 week hiatus… but a little bit longer than when the power went out…. I should be back next week.

Meanwhile, my Kickstarter book is nearing deadline and not quite complete. More than half-way; the cases are edited to under 1000 pages but the pages are still too big and some of the cases are still organized the way I want. As part of that project, I have been exploring how to actually put these kinds of books together. I have already made two proofs of concept:

red herring in the supreme court werewolves in the federal courts law

The series is called “Law of the Horse” in reference to Judge Easterbrook’s debates with Laurence Lessig. While I agree with Lessig that cyberlaw is useful, the idea of these books is more a mockery of Easterbrook’s argument and a collection of case opinions with a word in it. These books are not intended to be particularly useful for development of law but to be fun, and motivate reading law.

Reading law will improve your ability to read law!!!

So while I’m gone, feel free to check out these first two books or visit NinjaLaw and I do still expect that “Zombie in the Federal Courts” will be ready on-(or very near on)-time for October.

Last night in NYC the moon was a perfect half and shone clear in the sky. So I hope you enjoy these half-baked, half-assed art projects and ZombieLaw will return in a few days (after literally going to The End and back)… nom nom

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