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Dead Zombie Presidents

August 15, 2013

Marvel Comics, Deadpool has a new story killing zombie dead presidents. BoingBoing: “Deadpool Dead Presidents: Freakazoid-y superhero reboot with evil zombie presidents” by Cory Doctorow.

Usually Doctorow writes about important internet issues. But if you don’t know that Deadpool is an important internet issues, then you haven’t been on the internet long enough.

Note specifically, Deadpool kills Taft, Teddy Roosevelt and Reagan. After his presidency Taft was Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Roosevelt hunted in Africa and Reagan had voodoo economics.

Meanwhile recall other zombie presidents (particularly Presidential Monsters) and also previously mentioned from BoingBoing, old zombie comic books.

AND maybe this is all part of Marvel promotions for the new George Romero comic that will be out next year; Daily Dead: “Exclusive: New Details on George A. Romero’s Zombie Comic Book Series for Marvel

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