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How long will zombies last?

August 12, 2013

Film School Rejects: “How Long Would the Zombie Apocalypse Really Last?” by Kevin Carr:

If a zombie apocalypse did happen, how long would it actually last?

The Answer: Only a few months

Obviously, the main ingredient needed for a zombie apocalypse is zombies. However, the problem with zombies is they’re dead … one of the things that make zombies so terrifying would be their undoing. They rot.

Contrast, The Wrap: “AMC Chief Hopes ‘Walking Dead’ Zombies ‘Really Do Live Forever’” by Brent Lang. The fourth season of “Walking Dead” :

AMC Networks President and CEO Josh Sapan assured analysts on Thursday that the company is well-positioned to endure the end of Walter White and Sterling Cooper & Partners. In particular, he pointed to the continued strength of “The Walking Dead,” which is the top-rated scripted series on television. “We hope that zombies really do live forever — or at least for a decade,” Sapan quipped.

The best strategy, he stressed, was to “have stuff that people really like, really want, really identify with and really value.” In AMC’s case, that means lots and lots of zombies.

Lang contextualizes these AMC comments with the Time Warner CBS dispute and ongoing Cable Wars controversy over a la carte programming. The question of how long an apocalypse will last is highly relevant to survival strategies. Like, can Time Warner hold out past football season?! (or is it CBS holding out? I get so confused who is the zombie in the cable wars; content is king, but it’s strung together with zombies?)

Meanwhile, World War Z has made a milestone: “Paramount’s zombie extravaganza has earned $502.6 million worldwide.” in The Hollywood Reporter: “Box Office Milestone: ‘World War Z’ Becomes Brad Pitt’s Top-Grossing Film“.

So I guess I was wrong. Brad Pitt did not kill the zombies. He brought them to the whole world. The foreign gross is 150% of the domestic take. This is why they censored for China. The foreign market is bigger than the domestic market. Movies that appear to flop in the US can still be wild successes.

The movie has grossed $197.4 million domestically (also a best for Pitt) and $305.2 million at the foreign box office.

This kind of globalism is changing Hollywood strategy. How does this change the memes we are exposed to? How long can this last?


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  1. I think if a zombie apocalypse truly happens people would not be so engrossed in them anymore.

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