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zombies real wut nuke bombs

August 9, 2013

Those following @LawZombie twitter today may have noticed some retweets this afternoon mostly from Heather Hurlburt, of the National Security Network. The series was started as response to tweets from Ezra Klein of the Washington Post. Since then Klein has tweeted his recent interview with Joseph Cirincione, of Ploughshares Fund, (who he also interviewed tonight on MSNBC as guest host of “All in”) at WaPo: “‘When Obama says Putin is trapped in Cold War logic, it’s true. But so is Obama.’”:

nukes wapo russia infographic

Before publishing the article, Klein tweeted:

94% of the world’s nuclear weapons are in Russia and the U.S.

What are the chances that another 100 years goes by without anyone deciding to detonate a nuclear warhead?

(Sorry, transcribing an interview about nuclear disarmament. It’s bleak!)

Heather Hurlburt then had four tweets of optimism and Klein retweeted her thoughts:

reasons for optimism: no one thought in 1945 we cd go 68 yrs w/o anyone using a nuclear weapon again

reason for optimism 2: every state that has gotten weapons has become more cautious, less belligerent.

reason 3: US has much power over global legitimacy, role of n-weapons cuz we have +40% of em. Military sees relevance declining

reason 4: US, Russian weapons declining; global safety rising. No panaceas&needs work, but despair neither correct nor useful.

In response, Will Wargo ‏asked:

Can Heather also give us 4 reasons not to fear a zombie apocalypse! She is good at being reassuring.

And she took it seriously:

1. Fake zombie blood is edible and delicious.

2. The nice people always survive, mostly.

3. Zombie apocalypse = no sequester, no first day of school, no grant reports, no #sharknado. Why fear it?

4. Zombies aren’t real! But nobody tell @dandrezner

OK I think I disagree with all of these. Number 4 provoked more exciting tweets quoted below, but first allow me to simply disagree with #1 and #2 and as to #3 note that the zombie apocalypse has been a metaphor for the sequester and also for high-stakes testing in public schools and the problem of grant reports implies you have a grant, so is this really a bad problem? and Sharknado> That’s just a more absurd zombie apocalypse.

But as to #4, that zombies aren’t real and this would somehow bother Dan Drezner — Maybe she meant Max Brooks (who tends to present his survivalist strategies as if these things are real). In contrast Drezner, who has written a great International Policy polemic using zombie hypothetical, has more recently suggested that apocalyptic metaphors might be dangerous for the realistic long-term needs of complex problem solving.

So Professor Drezner understandably responded:


But the really exciting tweet is Ezra Klein’s defense of zombies in response to Hurlburt’s “zombies aren’t real”:


He cites March 26th article in The Telegraph: “There are zombies among us” by Jerome Burne which describes examples of insect “neuroparasitology” or:

zombie reprogramming”

Burne also refers to the possibility of parasites that might take over humans as funghus or worms can do to other species. But the article misses the opportunity to connect these microbes to the idea of cultural language and viral memes as infecting humans and altering behavior all the time.

Of course zombies are real. If they weren’t what have I been blogging about all year? It’s a word, right? We all just used it. We might not know exactly what it means or where to find one but it’s still real. Like Santa Claus and not that different from so-called scientific things, like electrons or psychiatric diagnoses. Much of reality is a social construction, a language-game and we’ve all been infected with the zombie meme.

zombie ezra klein wapo msbnc zombie heather hurlburt

Also, around the same time as all these tweets, Klein retweeted an article from The Onion: “Truther Jihadist Wishes Al-Qaeda Had Committed 9/11 Attacks” — that’s funny. And as we’ve been saying for decades, when some crazy dude (and it’ll probably be a dude but maybe not) gets a nuke, that going to be an apocalypse that will make the term “ground zero” take on whole new social meaning. The 9/11 WTC disaster terminology of “ground zero” could quickly become a joke in some future post-apocalyptic history book.

Finally, Ezra Klein went on to tweet and then talk on MSNBC about the legalization of marijuana. Quoting Mayor Bloomberg that “medical” as applied to marijuana is one of the biggest hoaxes of all time but going on to report on Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s recent opinion flip and discussing the ambiguous boundaries of science and politics.

Zombies are all about ambiguous boundaries – dead, undead, both, neither, none of the above, all of the above!

Jesse Benton, smells this stench but he’ll just hold his nose while managing the campaign for Republican Leader Senator Mitch McConnell.

Yes, zombies are real. They stink of archaic stalemates but just don’t die.

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