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Joe Scarborough says ObamaCare “like a zombie”; “pot-smoking Marxists”

August 9, 2013

Today on Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough said about ObamaCare:

it’s like a zombie. neither alive or completely dead. it’s just sort of slowly marches on

This was just moments after Joshua Green referred to Sharknado and the inconsistency between the TV ratings and Twitter buzz.

This story was found in Newsmax: “Scarborough: Obamacare a Zombie in No-Man’s Land” by Wanda Carruthers

Recall last March, Scarborough and Paul Krugman debated on Charlie Rose and Krugman later referred to a “zombie attack” regarding costs to Social Security of life expectancy changes.

Meanwhile Scarborough is also quoted for (at least) two other controversial statements this week, both tangentially relevant to zombie themes. He referred to NBC as “pot-smoking Marxists” (See TPM: “Scarborough: It’s Natural To Be Suspicious Of NBC’s ‘Pot-Smoking Marxists’” by Catherine Thompson) and, he’s also quoted for saying that MSNBC and FOX News are “exactly the same” in evening shows (See HuffPost: “Joe Scarborough: MSNBC, Fox News ‘Exactly The Same’ At Night (VIDEO)” by Jack Mirkinson). Marijuana, Marxism and false dichotomies… ZOMBIES!!!

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