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45% think politicians are like zombies

August 5, 2013

YouGov survey Jun 14, 2013: “The Zombie Apocalypse” by Kasey Gage in Latest Findings, Life and Omnibus Research:

An Omnibus is a shared cost, multi-client approach to survey research that lets you conduct your study at a fraction of what you might spend on an ad-hoc study…


14% of Americans believe there is at least a small chance of a zombie apocalypse actually happening


To many people, the zombies are already here: nearly half the US population (45%) believes that our politicians are the closest things we have to zombies right now. 30% of Americans believe reality TV stars are the closest thing to zombies, followed by investment bankers (17%) and CEOs of Fortune 500 companies (14%).

Wait !!!! Those numbers add to over 100 – maybe participants could select more than one? in which case they weren’t asked “closest” — I wonder what the actual question was… or how many people were surveyed or what their demographics were … I’m going to email them and if I get more details on the methodology of this survey I will post an update.

Gage continues:

After a few seasons of watching “The Walking Dead,” people aren’t afraid of them either: 40% of respondents said that if there was a zombie apocalypse, they would pick up a weapon and fight back, overshadowing those who would board up their homes and wait it out (12%) or hide in a shelter (9%).

Ok wow – first how does Gage know any of the participants watch “The Walking Dead”? (Answer: she doesn’t) And how does she know “people aren’t afraid”? Even if they are going to fight back it doesn’t mean they aren’t afraid when they do it. Fear may be the reason they are fighting.

43% of Americans believe vampires would beat zombies in a war, while only 18% thought zombies would be the victors.

And also the leading contenders for the zombie cause are epidemic-like (parasites, science gone awry) as opposed to hell-based-dead-rising scenario.

These survey results were cited today as a reference in Forbes: “Zombie Dread Fuels Microgrid Market” by Peter Asmus:

A whimsical story posted by the Rocky Mountain Institute linked microgrids to the growing fear of zombie invasion, fueled by Hollywood’s recent obsession with the living dead in movies such as World War Z. (14% of the U.S. public believes a zombie apocalypse could happen in the next several years, according to a YouGov survey.)

Whether you’re worried about zombies, the terrorist threat, or global climate change, though, the appeal of self-sufficient power infrastructure is on the rise, and survivalists will not be the only new constituency recognizing the possibilities now available with off-grid technology.

Similarly, survey data from off-the-grid survey technologies has tremendous appeal but we need better data analysis with richer details about the survey lest we merely propagate zombie lies and drunk math.


Update: I have received (from Kasey Gage) an excel file with more complete data. More on this later…

Update2: The 14% number quoted by Forbes seems to hold up, but Gage’s reporting of “closest” was a bit misleading – the actual question was “Which of the following, if any, do you think are the closest things we have to zombies now? (Check ALL that apply)” – so despite use of the word “closest”, those 45% and 30% could be the same people. More analysis of this data set to come soon…

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