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NYMag says IBTimes buying ‘zombie Newsweek’

August 4, 2013

New York Magazine: “IAC Found Someone to Buy Zombie Newsweek” by Caroline Bankoff:

This is not the first time New York Magazine referenced Newsweek as a zombie, see from May, “Zombie Newsweek Is Apparently for Sale” by Adam Martin and from April, “Zombie Newsweek Also Probably Doomed, Says Newsweek Owner” by Joe Coscarelli. And in 2010, New York Times said “Newsweek Rises From the Dead” by Derrick Henry.

This use of “zombie” to refer to defunct companies being sold and patched back together is similar to ZombieLaw posts about Hostess Brands; “Zombie Hostess Brands – Death of the twinkie, cupcake, sno ball, ho ho” and “Twinkies are back!“.

This relates to the question of whether corporations are persons. And since legally they are, what does it mean for the meaning of person, when they can die and come back to life in new forms?


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