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can’t ignore zombie economy: cnbc, nytimes, latimes

August 1, 2013

CNBC Guest Blog: “Can We Ignore the Zombie Economy?” by Michael A. Yoshikami, of Destination Wealth Management:

American stock market continues to rally leaving investors to ask how is that possible given $14 trillion of debt … simple … stock market is a pricing mechanism …While it is true that the stock market cannot disconnect completely from the economy, it often does and that is what is occurring now. …Remember when Citigroup was at $1 a share? … don’t ignore the zombie economy but don’t assume that this means that investment returns will also be zombie-like.

Meanwhile in today’s NYTimes Fitness section: “At Zombie Races, It’s Survival of the Undeadest” by Courtney Rubin, describes modern outdoors events by Run For Your Lives where participants run an obstacle course while chased by zombie cosplayers.

The article makes reference to Professor Sarah Lauro (quoted again for linking zombie interest to declining economy), and to CDC preparedness , and refers to the Netflix political drama “House of Cards” (which aside from promoting the show, may also be a sly dig at the entire zombie theme business model while also a reference to the ongoing cable wars). The best part of Rubin’s article is the ending:

No one in the group had any flags intact at the finish line, though her friend Tina Durborow, 42, said a survivor’s medal was never the goal. “We always envisioned that in the zombie apocalypse, the Class of ’89 girls would get together,” she said.

And back in ’89 maybe they played classic board games? In the LATimes Hero Complex: “‘The Walking Dead’ zombifies new Monopoly, Risk editions“– which is fun but MTVgeek Don Hatfield had the story three months ago.

Both these games are perfect zombies, they never die and they just keep making new versions; and also the themes of global domination and capitalist property rights are directly on point for zombie themes. Monopoly also has a bit of social welfare too (every time you pass go collect 200$). Note also that this Walking Dead version Monopoly has six new pieces, two of which are weapons (a blade and a bat) but neither is a gun, nor crossbow. Maybe they didn’t want to touch the gun control debate?

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