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Aging Bull Zombie Econony 007 Wellbutrin+Cocaine Gold

July 25, 2013

NationalPost: “Doctors warn of potentially deadly ‘zombie’ effects of using anti-depressant Wellbutrin to get high” by Tom Blackwell:

A mock public-health poster Dr. Truong created goes so far as to suggest the drug’s unique, tissue-rotting effect when injected makes it like a “zombie virus.”

Some take bupropion on its own, but most seem to combine it with cocaine, making “the coke cokier,” said Dr. Truong, who has interviewed several of the anti-depressant’s abusers.

Is Wellbutrin the new bath salt?

Meanwhile in economics, CNBC: “In a ‘Walking Dead’ market, stocks ignore the zombie killers” by Jeff Brown:

Pros often cite the “aging bull” to describe today’s stock market. But, gee, that’s so 20th century. How about something sexier, like “Zombie” Market or “Walking Dead” Market?

Brown quotes Jeff Kleintop, chief market strategist for LPL Financial:

“This unkillable stock market rally seems to get no respect. … strongest bull market since WWII

And concludes with a James Bond joke about capital gains tax.

Aging bulls, James Bond and cocaine. This is an interesting post already. Until their heart explodes.

Speaking of which, Bill Bonner has zombied again: “Goodbye, Detroit Motor City“:

Zombieism is like drug addiction. You rarely just ‘give it up’. Instead, you have to go all the way…and hit bottom.

Bonner zombies 18 times in this article about the bankruptcy of American cities:

growing power of zombies meets declining available resources…full of zombies…Detroit is a zombie story. Since 1971, almost all big stories have a zombie angle. Because the credit-based monetary system that Richard Nixon put us in is a perfect habitat for zombies… ‘Beware of Zombies’…simple test…Ask yourself: In the absence of government would people still willingly give you money to do what you do? If the answer is no, you are probably a zombie.

The heavy industry — car making, steel, mining — was a sitting duck. It couldn’t protect itself from zombies. The zombies soon got control over the government…and then preyed upon fixed industries. Only four years ago, the US federal government bailed out GM. Or rather, it bailed out its zombified labour unions — guaranteeing wages and benefits the company couldn’t afford to give.

As Detroit zombified, productive businesses and taxpayers moved out. Zombies were all that was left. People on welfare… getting money for nothing in the age-old zombie fashion.

That’s how zombieism works: The worse things get the better they are for the zombies

Zombieism is like drug addiction.

The higher [interest rates] go the harder it is for these cities to keep up with their promises to the zombies.

That is when the jig is up. Zombies fall. The credit-based money system collapses…

And speaking of government workers, then there’s China. Chinese censorship reportedly changed Brad Pitt‘s World War Z. Now China has denied release to the cartoon “Despicable Me 2”:

In order for the Brad Pitt zombie flick World War Z to make it into theaters, the filmmakers had to remove a scene that cast the country in a negative light. However, nobody seems to know what caused Despicable Me 2 to rub Chinese officials the wrong way.

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