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The Zombie Boys #SDCC

July 22, 2013

Scott Kenemore has this picture on his blog. It’s always nice to see recurrent characters and so it’s nice to see this group back together again. They are the panel for “Zombies in Popular Culture” at San Diego Comic Con.

This year’s photo with Scott Kenemore, Max Brooks, Matt Mogk, Steve Schlozman, Brad Voytek, Aaron Sagers, and Jonathan James.

Recall last year’s picture from Kenemore:

And recall also the 2011 panel available on YouTube:

As Bill Bonner says of zombie banks, so too of zombie entertainmentacademics: “Nice work if you can get it.” Gershwin responds: “You can get it if you try… won’t you tell me how?”

But why is it always white men? Why is there so little racial and gender diversity in the field of zombie research studies? and musical theater? Is it because these fields are themselves biased and exclusionary or is it because it requires substantial white privilege to get involved in these things in the first place? or ?

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