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“zombie wing of the gun-control movement”

July 20, 2013

LegalInsurrection: “Stand-Your-Ground: Gun Control Zombies Exploit Grieving Black Community” by Andrew Branca:

zombie andrew branca self defense

Radical Gun Control Zombies Remain Mindlessly Persistent

The simple truth is that the black community’s grief over their misconceived notions of Trayvon Martin’s death is being exploited by the zombie wing of the gun-control movement.

Gun control zombies remain mindlessly persistent

Radical Gun Control Zombies’ Message Crystal Clear–Aaaargh!
So, if you’re a gun control zombie, what are you to do with yourself?

The gun control zombies tried the frontal assault (banning guns outright, or at least certain types), and they failed.

Branca is a Massachusetts lawyer, an NRA member and author of “The Law of Self Defense“. Branca covered the Zimmerman trial for Legal Insurrection throughout the trial. Recall Legal Insurrection is the blawg of Cornell Law Professor William A. Jacobson and last year Professor Jacobson blogged about a “Pro Zombie” bumper sticker.

zombie jacobson cornell

Consider this Zimmerman story in light of the Zombie Industries Gun Control Lobbyist Shooting Target. Now we have respectable legal blogs referring to the gun control lobby as zombies. Does this emphasize Taranto’s point in Wall Street Journal that Zombie shooting targets are political speech? Does that make it more or less appropriate for Senator Murphy to have written that letter?

We should not cannot ignore the racial component when an article about political zombies opens with a picture of black youth occupying the office of the Governor of Florida.

Branca also argues “the Zimmerman case had nothing whatever to do with Stand-Your-Ground” – but wouldn’t the jury instructions have been different if there was a duty to retreat? Zimmerman might still have been found not guilty but the jury instructions would have been different, right? So how is that “nothing whatever to do”? Branca says “the American public in general, was fed a pack of lies and disinformation” and there has been a “Disinformation War”. His laundry list of “lies and disinformation” point out many mistakes I’ve heard on TV but maybe it’s just more disinformation. The truth is none of us really know what happened or how gun control might impact another Trayvon Martin in the future … because the tragedy is that there will never be another Trayvon Martin in the future. Branca is callous when he suggests a 17 year old isn’t a “child” when he reaches 6 feet tall. But he is correct to point out so many inconsistencies in the case facts.

What this case is really about is reasonable doubt. But would the jury have felt different if Zimmerman had a duty to retreat? We’ll never know…

And is Zimmerman a racist? Well of course, everyone is (at least) a little bit.

The disinformation is everyone. We are surrounded by zombies lies, zombie ideas, zombie fallacies. We are all (at least a little bit) zombies.

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  1. Hahahahahahaha. You’re funny. Not too bright, but funny.

    Hope I’m not your only comment. 🙂

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