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Today’s Zombies: Minimum wage, Toy Guns, Cops are DOA

July 19, 2013

Let’s begin with a humorous headline from USAToday: “Zombie-hunting cops are DOA in ‘R.I.P.D.’” by Claudia Puig

Here’s the ah-ha moment: If someone eats Indian food in front of these nefarious zombie types, the creatures’ true selves will come forth. Say what?

Meanwhile, a new NERF toy line, in io9: “Prepare for a Nerf apocalypse with the new Zombie Strike line!” by Rob Bricken:

Who says the zombie apocalypse can’t be fun?

Comment from @ssimonss asks if this is just

nerf version of Malibu Stacy getting a new hat?

Old NERF designs with new paint? But other comments suggest repainting them yet again; black to look like realistic weapons (I would suggest checking local laws before you do that as I think it can be illegal to have a toy gun that is not orange). And where’s Senator Murphy’s outraged letter to NERF? How does he feel about marketing of toys that look like assault weapons?

Finally, in Yahoo: “Brad Pitt’s World War Z body double got paid £4.44 an hour” by Ben Arnold:

While Pitt coins in a reported £16 million a year, a body double for the actor has revealed that he was paid just £4.44 an hour for his work on zombie action film ‘World War Z’.

And isn’t that true for so many of the zombie labor of mega-corporations everywhere? It’s not that it’s even all that unjust. It was a nothing job and he was never doing it for the money. But it’s that mind-blowing discrepancy between high wage earners and low level laborers that is difficult to reconcile even when it makes perfect sense.

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