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Twinkies are back!

July 13, 2013

USAToday: “Twinkies make early return at Wal-Mart stores“:

NEW YORK (AP) — Twinkies are making an early comeback at Wal-Mart stores, and they won’t be frozen beforehand.

The world’s largest retailer says it is selling the snack cakes at about 1,600 stores starting Friday and that about 3,000 of its 4,000 U.S. stores should have them by Sunday morning, a day before Hostess had said the spongy yellow cakes would start hitting shelves nationwide. … Sno-Balls will arrive in the fall

Recall from ZombieLaw last November: “Zombie Hostess Brands – Death of the twinkie, cupcake, sno ball, ho ho”

zombies twinkies hostess

This is important for zombies because many believe this is the perfect food to be preserved in the zombie apocalypse (See ZombieLand). Bankruptcy and debts are also relevant to zombies. And, it’s also important because this bankruptcy and temporary disruption in Hostess production was result of disagreement with unions. Labor is highly related to zombies. Speaking of which, will we have an NLRB by Labor Day? doubtful… yay zombie congress!

Also related to zombies, deconstruction, so here’s Today: “37 ingredients Twinkie eaters ingest: View photos of the building blocks of a common snack cake” by Laura T. Coffey. ‘mmm mmm sorbic acid; nom nom


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