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Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) against Zombie Industries

July 11, 2013

The prior post about Zombie Industries ‘Gun Control Lobbyist’ bleeding zombie targets was too long but it excluded something. Senator Murphy is entitled to a ZombieLaw zombie portrait. His letter to Zombie Industries doesn’t actually use the word “zombie” except in the inside address but his official Press Release is entitled: “MURPHY CALLS ON ‘ZOMBIE INDUSTRIES’ TO CEASE SALE OF ‘GUN CONTROL LOBBYIST’ SHOOTING TARGET“.

senator chris murphy zombie

At first, I thought this didn’t deserve a portrait, it’s just naming the company, but ya know with Senators there is always doublespeak and I’m starting to think that Zombie Industries is such a good target for Senator Murphy particularly because its name makes the zombie pun. Senator Murphy is calling out the entire gun hobbyist industry as zombie industry. This works to call attention to the death caused by gun violence and to also say that he is aiming to kill their industry.

Recall other Senate “zombies” like Sen. Kyl’s “zombie economy” and Sen. Leahy’s “if zombies attacked” or Sen. DeMint’s “zombie legislators” and Sen. Coburn’s report on DHS-military “display of tactical prowess in the face of a zombie apocalypse”.

zombie jon kylzombie senator leahy patrickzombie jim demintzombie coburn senator

And as I put all these up pictures up on my blog after having just commented on Zombie Industries and the possibility of liability for infringing rights of publicity, I wonder if maybe I should shut this whole blog down. I too think my art is humor, free speech, parody. I tend to only zombify those people that use the word. But gosh, I’d hate to think I my art could create liability … remember from Chronicle of Higher Education: “Publisher Threatens to Sue Blogger for $1-Billion” by Jake New about Jeffrey Beall, sued for his blog Scholarly Open Access. — eek — is blogging a zombie industry too?


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