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Video from zombie mock trial

July 9, 2013

Recall last March at WonderCon the collaboration of Law and the Multiverse and Broadcast Thought created a panel discussion called “Not Guilty by Zombification: Law and Forensic Psychiatry After the Zombie Apocalypse”.

They are doing the panel again next week at San Diego Comic Con: Thursday, July 18, 2013, from 8:00 pm to 9:30 pm, in Room 7AB. – Wish I could be there.

Meanwhile, not sure why I waited so long to look for video from last year, but here it is posted on Youtube (in six parts), the video quality isn’t great but the audio is good.

Recall that this kind of Zombie Law is very different than my project here at ZombieLaw. The Law in the Multiverse style is to create a hypothetical legal problem using fictional facts (about zombies or superheroes, etc) and then explore the real life legal implications toward a greater understanding of real life law. In contrast, my style of Zombie Law is much more literal. It is still aimed toward a greater understanding of real law but my zombies are not hypothetical, they are real “zombies” because they are real appearances of the word in real legal writing.

Their hypothetical style is probably much more useful for legal education. They are interested in legal rules and analysis and their reasoning of zombie law can be used later in more realistic fact patterns. Their zombie version is fun legal analysis, good for law students and memorable so that some of the real life legal analysis is likely to be remembered.

In contrast, ZombieLaw studies legal rhetoric. There are many random bits of legal information to be learned as you peruse this blog but it’s not particularly organized around coherent legal topics. Instead “zombies” appear all over the legal ecosystem and ZombieLaw just tries to catch them.

But regardless of our differences in style, their Zombie Law is a wonderful example of their style of legal education and their use of “zombie” for legal education only further demonstrates the continuing value of this ZombieLaw project because the more lawyers use this word the more we should study the word’s legal associations.

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