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No Dead Voters in South Carolina

July 9, 2013

MSNBC: “Zombies! Dead people are not voting in South Carolina” by Morgan Whitaker, embeds recent video from MSNBC Politics Nation with Al Sharpton.

In the video Sharpton repeatedly uses the word “zombie” to describe dead voters in South Carolina. Whitaker writes:

rest easy: there is no rampant ”zombie” voting in South Carolina.

zombie rev al sharpton zombie morgan whitaker msnbc

Sharpton seems to have picked up this zombie from the Columbia Free Time: “18 Months Later, S.C. Law Enforcement Closes Case on ‘Zombie Voters,’ Finds No Fraud SLED found no indication of voter fraud” by Corey Hutchins — also cited by Wonkette: “South Carolina Sadly Lacking In Zombie Voters” by DDM

Apparently the old news is that:

Horry County Republican Rep. Alan Clemmons, who took much interest in the dead voter drama, proclaimed gravely in another hearing, “We must have certainty in South Carolina that zombies aren’t voting.”

And now the new report says that certainty is achieved. The zombies have been fully disenfranchised of their voting rights.

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