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“Tell the Zombies they’re blocked too” ~AdCouncil

July 7, 2013

This Ad Council advertisement for is at least a few months old but I just saw it today so here it is:

You sure you don’t want some it’s chamomile?
[chainsaw sounds]
Listen, you are extremely terrifying, just the scariest-undead subhuman-thing on TV, and I really mean that.
But I am worried that you could give my kids nightmares if they see you, so I’m going to have to block you.
So that’s it, ooh and tell the zombies they’re blocked too

An irony of my viewing this commercial today was that I saw it during the final commercial break of the Mclaughlin Group on CBS. Talk about zombies! And then the next commercial featured the four white women from the cast of “Hot in Cleveland”. Again talk about zombies, these four woman are all veteran sitcom stars trying to breathe life back into the sitcom artform. And then, after a Mazda SUV commercial that used the word “creativity” and a fearmongering promo for the evening news, the next show was an infomercial for futuristic pain-relieving light technology hosted by old footage of Robert Wagner.

So it’s perhaps clear who they think the audience is, but it’s funny how the Ad Council commercial thinks zombies and chainsaw massacre monsters are too scary for kids but then followed it with a different kind of scary zombies. Recall, there is no zombies because we are all zombies calling each other zombies. Consider the implications of this Ad Council advertising if zombies is read as metaphor for Others, it is worrisome that these white mom zombies think it’s acceptable to block those that are different just because they might be scary. In fact, it’s not the kids who are scared it’s the moms, and they project it onto the kids and then allow society to create all sorts of unjust restrictions. Instead of blocking those that scare us and sheltering kids from the different people in the world, we need more open conversations about the relative merits and values of different types of entertainment.

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