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What’s your name, who’s your Zombies?

June 14, 2013

Tomorrow night, June 15th, in NYC Central Park the 1960’s band “The Zombies” play a free concert in the park, headlining:

The Zombies / Django Django / Adam Green & Binki Shapiro / DJ sets by Modest P

And of course, it’s Fathers‘ Day weekend. As I’ve written before “The Zombies are your Daddy” but also “Not your fathers’ zombies“. So which is it?

Central park is a man-made park. It is the illusion of nature inside the heart of the city. A simulation of Nature that is both natural and not natural. Zombies represent the destruction of binomial categories. They are neither dead nor alive. They are neither your daddy nor not your daddy. Which is not the same as being both; except perhaps they are that too – both and neither. A complete rejection of the totalitarian assumptions of language labels. Which is an anti-captialist perspective and yet they is promoted by the biggest of corporate machines.

Concerts in the park also have a long history of mixed message – See Next Magazine lists its Top Five Central Park concertsby Alex Erikson – But leaves out Simon and Garfunkel performing for over 500,000 people in the 1981. More recently events became a bit too rowdy. The police presence when Dave Matthews was there in 2003 was intense and so Bon Jovi in 2008 was limited to just 60,000 people. In the post-Occupy police city, it is surprising that they even try to have public concerts. And yet the philharmonic events are treated differently where suddenly it becomes acceptable to open bottles of wine in the park (despite NY Code – Section 10-125). So I wonder how many (audience and police) will turn out for “The Zombies” tomorrow and whether wine is permitted…

Meanwhile see also Upworthy: “The Real Reason They Still Play ‘Mrs. Robinson’ On The Radio” by Sara Critchfield:

It’s because a huge percentage of stations’ playlists match all across the country.

With infographic showing six big corporations control 90% of our media, so that 213 corporate executives are our daddies. Who controls Central Park SummerStage? Who controls the zombies?

See also Lacan‘s “Name of the Father“:

The Name-of-the-Father (French Nom du père) is a concept that Jacques Lacan developed from his seminar The Psychoses (1955–1956) to cover the role of the father in the Symbolic Order. Lacan plays with the similar sound of le nom du père (the name of the father), le non du père (the no of the father), and les non-dupes errent (the non-dupes err) to, in the former case, emphasize the legislative and prohibitive function of the father and, in the latter case, emphasize that “those who do not let themselves be caught in the symbolic deception/fiction and continue to believe their eyes are the ones who err most.” (citing Zizek’s “With or Without Passion“)

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