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VanityFair: Zombie Channing Tatum and the Medicinal Zombies of Standardized Testing

June 5, 2013

Vanity Fair: “Channing Tatum Talks Fatherhood, Says He’ll Never Medicate His Child for Learning Disabilities

Tatum is quoted, referring to his medicalization for dyslexia and ADHD (ie Adderall):

“I did better at school when I was on it, but it made me a zombie.”

zombie channing tatum

See also Examiner: “Channing Tatum says childhood ADHD drugs made him ‘a zombie’” by Samantha Chang

And there is a YouTube video tutorial from last year that shows someone making a zombie of him already:

Recall also some education activists think standardized testing might make zombies regardless of the medicines – “Zombies of High Stakes Testing” and “More Standardized Test Zombies

Consider also these medicines in light of scandals for performance enhancing drugs in sports, and additionally consider that Channing Tatum, as an actor (and like a stripper), is consistently made into a zombie of himself, his image and body alienated as work-product (which is a theme of “Magic Mike”).

So bravo to Tatum’s PR people for blending tests, medicines, and celebrities in this zombie mash. (also it’s in reference to fatherhood – “The Zombies are your Daddy!“)

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