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Uranium Cheese Pimco Europe Iraq Florida and Plants

May 30, 2013

The Atlantic: “Zombie Iraq War: Why Haven’t We Repealed the Authorization to Fight There?” by Conor Friedersdorf

Summer County Citizens Voice: “Colorado orders cleanup of ‘zombie’ uranium mines” by Summit Voice

Bloomberg: “Pimco Says Zombie Europe Like Japan Risks Lost Decade” by Richard Weis:

Andrew Bosomworth, managing director at Pimco, told reporters in Germany’s financial capital of Frankfurt today. “Zombification” can’t continue in Europe, Bosomworth said

zombie andrew bosomworth pimco

Recall previous mention of Pimco,

And:, The Inquirer: “Cheese of the Month: Zombie Quadrello di Bufala” by Craig LaBan

See more ZombieLaw on wars or more ZombieLaw Europe or more radioactive zombies or other zombie cheese

But two other stories are getting lots of “zombie” press – these stories have spread to lots of sources but here’s just one link each:

Florida arrest of David Allen Jensen – see Tampa Bay Times: “Man arrested for throwing concrete, blames zombies” by Zachary T. Sampson

And finally,

– Another connection of zombie to plants– see LATimes: “Frozen zombie plants from Little Ice Age revived after 400 years” by Amina Khan

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