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Zombie Apocalypse Survivors

May 22, 2013

Recall Ronald Poppo, the Miami face-eating victim from last year’s Memorial Day attack. It’s been a year and he has a musical video update for us.

The video is posted by JacksonHealthSystem on Youtube: “A Message from Ronald Poppo”

See Miami Herald: “‘Zombie’ attack victim may spend rest of life in Miami-Dade nursing home” by Evan S. Benn
And HuffPo: “Ronald Poppo Update: ‘Miami Zombie’ Victim Playing Guitar, ‘Living Happily’ (NEW PHOTOS, VIDEO)” by Janie Campbell.

And speaking of zombie survival:

GeekAlerts: “Zombie Vet T-Shirt” via Hot Topic

Recall zombies connection to war — and recall the only “zombie” in the Supreme Court regards Korean War veteran’s zombies.

And finally, this Memorial Day, we remember the fallen: Spin: “Phil Buerstatte, Former White Zombie Drummer, Dead at 44” by Marc Hogan.

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